BADR Governorate

About BADR Governorate

BADR Governorate, is a governorate located in MADINAH. It is very famous for the Arab and Islamic countries, and many pilgrims and Umrah performers visit it every year; In view of its religious position, derived from the Battle of BADR, which was the first battle that took place in Islam, and that was on the seventeenth of the Hijri month of Ramadan, which corresponds to March 17, 624 AD, in which Muslims achieved a great victory, and in which there are a number of graves of the martyrs of that battle, In addition to its Islamic historical monuments, it contains many lands and agricultural and tourist areas.
BADR has a hot desert climate (Köppen climate classification: BWh). With very hot summers, and almost mild winters. In winter, the average night temperature ranges from 10–15 °C

Indications for the area


Its total area is (6,918) thousand km2.

Number of centers

8 center


72.481 Saudis and residents

Number of activities

2687 commercial establishments

Health Services

Total | 17 government and private establishments
  • Medical staff | 100 male and female doctors
  • Technical staff | 135
  • Number of beds | NON


9 charities

government departments

20 government departments

Total companies

388 companies

Promising sectors

Educational sector

Educational sector
Students Female students teachers and educators male and female employees Total
6579 7641 1522 396 16138
TAIBAH University Branch
Faculty of school Students female students male and female employees Total
39 206 346 NON 591
Secondary Industrial Institute and Technical College
Training staff members trainees staff and workers Total
NON 578 NON 578

The Medical Section

17 Medical section
Medical staff Technical staff Administrative staff and workers Total
100 135 NON 235

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