Khyber Governorate

About Khyber Governorate

Khyber Governorate, Category B, it is affiliated to MADINAH region and is 153 km (95 miles) north of MADINAH. of category (B).
Najd Eastern Gate is a Saudi governorate in the MADINAH region, and it is the third largest governorate in the MADINAH region after the administrative capital, MADINAH
Khyber is located in the northwest of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, about 168 km from MADINAH
BADR has a hot desert climate (Köppen climate classification) BWh. With very hot summers, and almost mild winters. In winter, the average night temperature is between 10-15 °C

Indications for the area


Its total area is (19.977) thousand km2.

Number of centers

8 center


58.910 Saudis and residents

Number of activities

2337 commercial establishments

Health Services

Total | 11 government and private establishments
  • Medical staff | 99 male and female doctors
  • Technical staff | 216
  • Number of beds | NON


4 charities

government departments

18 government departments

Total companies

716 companies

Promising sectors

Educational sector

Educational sector
Students Female students teachers and educators male and female employees Total
5780 6759 1157 186 13882
TAIBAH University Branch
Faculty of school Students female students male and female employees Total
61 183 451 NON 695
Secondary Industrial Institute and Technical College
Training staff members trainees staff and workers Total
NON 303 NON 303

The Medical Section

Medical section
Medical staff Technical staff Administrative staff and workers Total
99 216 NON 315

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