Wadi Al Fora'a Province

Wadi Al Fora'a Province is located south of Madinah. The province includes many historical sites since the Prophet’s era. It is famous for cultivating dates. It is hoped that there will be a quantum leap in the development of the province to be a center of attraction for tourists, according to the Kingdom’s vision 2030 AD. Among its most important tourist sites:

Tourist Attractions

Mount Idqas or Mount Quds

Mount Idqas is characterized by its picturesque nature and moderate weather at its summit, and its relative proximity to Madinah, where the population is concentrated, and its connection to the main and secondary road network, which gives it a great tourist advantage, as it is frequented by citizens during the summer months. Indeed, some tourism development projects have started in some sites, and the Municipality of Madinah has paved some roads there. Mount Idqas is considered one of the promising tourist sites in which tourism investment should be encouraged according to an approved regulatory scheme to avoid random development and the sites losing its uniqueness and natural features.

Al Hamana Heritage Museum

Al Hamana Heritage Museum is located on Al Hijrah road between Madinah and Mecca. It consists of two halls on one floor containing a number of authentic heritage pieces that were displayed in eight corners, as follows: The first corner is the corner of women’s clothes, men’s clothes, and bride’s accessories. The second corner is the corner contains household appliances and kitchen supplies. The third corner contains stone tools, including millstones and sharpeners for knives. The fourth corner is the pottery corner. The fifth corner is the weapons corner, including daggers, swords and rifles. The sixth corner is the leather and fluid preservation corner. The seventh corner is the agricultural tools corner. The eighth corner is the textiles and hand-knitting corner.

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