AL-ULA Governorate

About AL-ULA Governorate

Founded in 1345 - Category (A) Governorate

AL-ULA Governorate is characterized by natural and environmental components that rarely meet in others, which attracted nations to it that built civilizations that have always amazed its visitors. On the natural level, the terrain of its mountains is different in its colors, shapes and sizes, and the golden sand dunes embrace it as a wonderful painting that the viewer enjoys. And when this land is characterized by its natural and environmental components and components And on its land are the civilizations of THAMUDIANS, DADAN, LIHYAN and NABATAEANS of different ages. AL-ULA governorate is administratively affiliated to the Emirate of MADINAH Region. It is affiliated with the governorate (12) centers and (42) villages.

Indications for the area


Its total area is (22,561) thousand km2.

Number of centers

12 center


87264 Saudis and residents

Number of activities

4768 commercial establishments

Health Services

Total | 14 government and private establishments
  • Medical staff | 144 male and female doctors
  • Technical staff | 323
  • Number of beds | 128


11 charities

government departments

24 government departments

Total companies

196 companies

Agriculture in AL-ULA Governorate

The people of AL-ULA depended largely and mainly on agriculture for several reasons, the most important of which was the fertility of its land and the abundance of its water. Several springs flowed in AL-ULA, amounting to more than forty springs.
Spring water was distributed according to an irrigation system, as it was distributed to the people by a council designated for this, and each portion was called a meal and 24 hours.
They seek the help of distributing the meal at the "TANTORA" sundial.
AL-ULA was famous for the cultivation of vegetables, grains, fruits, citrus fruits and palms
The most important types of dates: Sweet. Al-Barniyah - Jasba - Al-Mabroumah - Al-Safawi and Al-Ajwa...etc. It is grown from citrus fruits, oranges and lemons with different types of tangerines, pomegranates, grapes and mangoes.
Grains are grown from wheat, barley, corn and millet.
There are more than 2 million palm trees.
The number of farms is more than 4750 farms
The number of citrus trees in AL-ULA is more than 750,000 citrus trees
The office of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture provides services to more than 37 villages and villages, as well as livestock breeders, where a large proportion of citizens are livestock breeders, as there are more than 1,777 health cards.

Promising sectors

Educational sector

Educational sector
Students Female students teachers and educators male and female employees Total
6906 7739 1446 361 16452
TAIBAH University Branch
Faculty of school Students female students male and female employees Total
242 2085 2315 NON 4642
Secondary Industrial Institute and Technical College
Training staff members trainees staff and workers Total
NON 385 NON 385

The Medical Section

14 Medical section
Medical staff Technical staff Administrative staff and workers المجموع
144 323 NON 467

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