YANBU Governorate

YANBU Governorate

Under the leadership of the RCY, Yanbu has grown into the world’s 3rd largest refining hub and one of Saudi Arabia’s favored locations for new industrial development. Dr. Nassif noted that “Saudi Arabia’s industrial cities have become the cornerstone of the Kingdom’s drive toward diversified industrialization and economic development. It is also the largest oil refining center in the world, as the number of huge basic industrial complexes in Yanbu Industrial City is 58, while the number of light and support industries is 148, making Yanbu Industrial City the best choice for investors in the petrochemical and industrial industries. Energy-intensive, as the volume of industrial investment in it amounted to (329) billion SR. Yanbu Governorate is considered the fifth tourist destination in the Saudi Arabia’s, due to its strategic location on the Red Sea coast, and the tourism resources and capabilities that it possesses that support the chances of successful tourism investment in light of the development of beach tourism and the increase in the turnout of tourists on the shores of the Red Sea. The foundations and patterns of multiple and sustainable tourism development.

Indications for the area


Its total area is 10680 thousand km2.

Number of centers

11 center


357671 Saudis and residents

Number of activities

28888 commercial establishments

Health Services

Total | 64 government and private establishments
  • Medical staff | 690 male and female doctors
  • Technical staff | 1362
  • Number of beds | 882


13 charities

government departments

30 government departments

Total companies

2020 companies

القطاعات الواعدة

Educational sector

Educational sector
Students Female students teachers and educators male and female employees Total
32022 37715 6270 1702 77709
TAIBAH University Branch
Faculty of school Students female students male and female employees Total
279 3958 6278 NON 10515
Secondary Industrial Institute and Technical College
Training staff members trainees staff and workers Total
NON 1417 NON 1417

The Medical Section

24 Medical section
Medical staff Technical staff Administrative staff and workers Total
690 1362 غ.م 2052