Industrial Sector

" Contribution of economic sectors to the GDP of Madinah region "

" Industrial Potential "

  • Industrial lands in Madinah : 25 million square meters
  • Yanbu Industrial City : 606 km2 total area
  • Modon Oasis - Yanbu : 500 thousand square meters
  • Number of producing factories : 367 factories, or 4.1% of the Kingdom's total
  • Capital : 113.24 billion riyals, or 8.7% of the Kingdom's total
  • Employment volume : 45,313 employees, or 4.6% of the Kingdom's total

" The industrial city in figures "


million square meters land area


million square meters of developed land


occupancy rate of allotable land


producing factories


processing plant production lines


factories are under construction


Already made factories



" The competitive advantages of the industrial city "

  • 1Its connection with a network of direct highways with five provinces of the Kingdom, allowing its established factories to market their products in all cities and provinces in the center, south, west and north of the Kingdom.
  • 2It is about 30 km away from Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Airport, which facilitates export and import to and from the airport, as well as easy access for investors to the industrial city.
  • 3The industrial city in Madinah is about 200 km away from the sea port of Yanbu, which allows the factories in the industrial city to export their products and import production materials through the port.
  • 4The rate of support of the Industrial Fund for industrial projects that are established in the industrial city in Madinah is 75% of the value of the industrial project.
  • 5The annual rent price in the industrial city of Madinah is 4 riyals per square meter.
  • 6Availability of a complete infrastructure in the industrial city of Madinah (electricity, water, sewage), as well as the communications network and Internet.

" The industrial sector in Madinah "

" The development of the number of factories in Madinah "

" City area factories by industrial activity "