YANBU Governorate

YANBU Governorate is located on the coast of the Red Sea, and the city of YANBU is known as (the Pearl of the Red Sea).

AL-ULA Governorate

AL-ULA Governorate is characterized by natural and environmental components that rarely meet in others

Al-HANAKIYAH Governorate

it is the third largest governorate in MADINAH region in terms of area after AL-ULA and ALMAHD

AL-MAHD Governorate

AL-MAHD Governorate - also known as “MAHAD ALDHAHAB” - is located in the southeastern part of the MADINAH region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Khyber Governorate

it is the third largest governorate in the MADINAH region after the administrative capital, MADINAH

BADR Governorate

BADR Governorate, is a governorate located in MADINAH. It is very famous for the Arab and Islamic countries,

AL-AIS Governorate

It is a Saudi governorate in the MADINAH region, with an approximate area of 29 km